RedRubik specializes in server solutions.

Organization and Efficiency

RedRubik specializes in the setup, installation, configuration, and support of servers, computers, data backup and security solutions. We can help you choose, install, configure, and maintain the right hardware and system software to optimize your company’s organization and efficiency.


Disasters happen, but we help you plan for the worst. Data backups are an integral part to your business, a continuous strategy of protecting and preserving your information when emergencies strike and your data is compromised. We offer a variety of different backup options for all your needs.

Install and Configure

Updating and maintaining both your hardware and software are essential steps for keeping your business a well-oiled machine. We install and configure your system from the ground up to ensure an organized structure in your company and perform regular updates and repairs to ensure optimal efficiency.


Your server deserves to be protected from the inside out. At RedRubik, we provide a number of security solutions designed to defend your system against spyware, malware, viruses, and other outside threats.


To maintain operating system updates, software installation and updates, PC performance tuning, and desktop security on your systems, desktop support is a must. RedRubik keeps your systems up to date and maintain them for peak performance, providing troubleshooting as well so everything runs smoothly.