At RedRubik, we offer several different options for backing up your data.

Disaster & Emergency

In this day and age, backing up your data is a must. Regular, preventative data backups are crucial to your business’ integrity, allowing you to safeguard yourself against any disaster or emergency that might compromise or corrupt your server. In extreme situations such as an office fire or burglary, backups ensure that your business’ information and data is fully able to be restored to a new system without any detrimental effects.


We provide solutions for businesses of all sizes and deliver customized, tailor-made solutions to fit your needs. With our preventative strategy, we provide:
Regular backups to the cloud with added monitoring to ensure security | Troubleshooting services | Regular testing of data restoration techniques to confirm the accuracy and success of backups | Full server backups, as well as partial backups | Quick restoration of data in case of disaster or emergency

We also provide full consultation services to discuss how we can help you move forward in protecting your business.

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